Supporting people on the move

The fundamental principle of humanity runs through all of our work on migration and displacement. Regardless of their legal status, states must protect all migrants’ safety, dignity and well-being and make sure they have access to essential services. Explore our policies, resolutions and strategies that guide our everyday work supporting people on the move. 

Our calls to action

Italian Red Cross volunteers and staff welcome 578 migrants off an Italian Coastguard boat to the port at Messina, Sicily, in July 2015

Migrants and refugees

An Ethiopian woman and her child stand in Abala district on the eastern border of Tigray in March 2021 where thousands of people have been internally displaced due to fighting

Displaced persons

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Dignifying, diverse and desires: Cash and vouchers as humanitarian assistance for migrants

20/01/2022 | pdf (2.3 MB)

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Displacement in a Changing Climate

28/10/2021 | pdf (10.56 MB)

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Locked down and left out? Why access to basic services for migrants is critical to our COVID-19 response and recovery

23/06/2021 | pdf (2.74 MB)

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Least Protected, Most Affected: Migrants and refugees facing extraordinary risks during the COVID-19 pandemic

09/09/2020 | pdf (5.4 MB)

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Reducing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on internally displaced people (IDPs)

27/05/2020 | pdf (4.23 MB)

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Strengthening IFRC Responses to Internal Displacement in Disasters

18/11/2019 | pdf (970.38 KB)

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Movement messages on the Global Compact for Migration

25/10/2019 | pdf (1.13 MB)

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Disasters and displacement in a changing climate: Asia Pacific

13/12/2018 | pdf (5.16 MB)

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Alone and Unsafe: Children, migration and sexual and gender-based violence

05/12/2018 | pdf (2.73 MB)

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New Walled Order: How barriers to basic services turn migration into a humanitarian crisis

05/07/2018 | pdf (6.8 MB)

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Policy Brief: Global Compact on Refugees

12/12/2017 | pdf (93.58 KB)

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Policy Brief: Global Compact on Migration

03/12/2017 | pdf (111.98 KB)

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