Global Plan

Our Global Plan outlines the world’s most pressing humanitarian issues and our approach to ensure that each of our 191 National Societies has the support they need to respond to crises and build community resilience.

About our 2023 plan

While the world has been marked by exceptional crises over the past few years, the ‘usual suspects’ such as poverty, hunger, poor health services and disasters continue to blight the lives of millions every year. The world’s most vulnerable people always pay the highest price.

Climate change is affecting the lives of millions daily. The conflict in Ukraine has impacted not only the millions who have fled and the countries receiving them, but the whole world. Africa is facing an alarming increase in food insecurity, while millions of migrants across the world continue to face perils as they seek safety and a better life.

The IFRC network is needed more than ever. Throughout 2023, we will continue to focus our efforts on the biggest challenges of today and tomorrow. We will continue to prioritize risk reduction and resilience building as the best ways to prepare communities for shocks and to keep shocks from becoming disasters.

We are continuing our journey to becoming ever more effective. And we are improving our coordination as a network to reach further, work more efficiently, and increase the scale and impact of our collective actions.

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